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"Full Circle" Attorney (Tatiana) MJD Productions
"Winter Romance" Valentina Romsova Alec Zinkevih (Director
"Five Petals" Street Patron Maboud Ebrahimzadeh (Director)
"Knowing you" Sofia (supporting) Ian Mlekovich (Director)


"Take Home Handyman" Participant TLC
"The Wire" Party Guest HBO
"Burden of Proof" Participant CNN



"Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa"
"EL'GLAM" Apparel and Accessory
"Savings for Dummies"
"Hats World"
"SIE" Marble Restoration Company
Tasaki Jewelry 2010
Tasaki Jewelry 2011



"Sea King" Alice Anita Bogdanovich (Director)
"Me and Tom" Becky Edward Malansky (Director)
"Dreams" Olivia (supporting) David Jones (Director)
"How I met Ann" Amanda (supporting) Sara Margulli (Director)



"Sydney Opals" 2009
"Sydney Opals" 2008
Luca Sergio Spring Jewelry Line 2012
Luca Sergio Holiday Collection 2012/2013
Luca Sergio Spring Collection 2013
Luca Sergio Fall Collection 2013
Luca Sergio Fall Collection 2014



"BEM" Video
Fields Consulting Group



Robert Kaskarov Jewelry Catalog 2009
Holiday Hairstyles
Inspire Magazine Vol. 63
Namrata Azer Jewelry Brochure 2009
Namrata Azer Jewelry Brochure 2010
Baheen Designs 2010
Luca Sergio Print Ad 2010 (Italy)
Namrata Azer Jewelry Print Ad 2011
Tasaki Print Ad 2011
Luca Sergio Print Ad 2012 (Italy)
Robert Kaskarov Print Ad 2012
Salon Fusion Print Ad 2012
Lorenzo Winter 2012/2013 Ad
Namrata Azer Jewelry Print Ad 2012
Cathy Fulton Interiors Print Ad 2012
Leslie Gwenn Print Ad 2013
Lorenzo Spring/Summer 2013
Leslie Gwenn Holiday Print Ad 2013
Namrata Azer Jewelry Print Ad 2013
Cathy Fulton Interiors Holiday Print Ad 2013
Arturo's Print Ad 2013
Namrata Azer Jewelry Ad 2014
Cathy Fulton Interiors Ad 2014
Tasaki Ad 2014
Europa Ad 2014
Luca Sergio Summer 2014


Performer Skills

  • Performance Skills: Dancing, Voiceover, Host
  • Athletic Skills: Bowling, Yoga, Snow Skiing, Tennis, Swimming, Figure Skating
  • Accents: Russian, Italian
  • Spoken Languages: English, Russian
  • Dance: Ballroom, Modern, Tango, Waltz


Employment Details

  • Work History: Industrial, Television, Film, Theater, Commercial
  • Job Categories: Acting
  • Are you willing to work unpaid?: No
  • Authorized to work in United States: Yes
  • Primary Citizenship: United States
  • Valid Passport: Yes

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